Officepoint Portable WhiteBoard Sheets FB6080

by Office Point


Create a whiteboard from a roll, anywhere, in seconds.

Rewritable, Reusable,Recyclable and Removable.

Can be used as Projection screen, flip chart, white board or pin board.

It is easy & portable and sticks on most surfaces.

Use with normal dry whiteboard markers, wipe clean & reuse

The box contains 6 sheets that are perforated for ease of detaching.

One sheets measures 600*800 mm.

Colour: White.

KES 1,400
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Whether you’re organizing a conference or looking to add some flare to your classroom, office or home, it can be challenging to design a unique space to drive creativity and productivity. That’s why we created Officepoint Whiteboard Sheets, a static cling dry-erase surface that adheres to any drywall, wood or glass surface.

This innovate whiteboard-in-a-roll comes with 6 perforated sheets.  Low cost and environmentally friendly. Use any dry-erase marker, wipe clean, reuse or recycle

Turn any surface into a whiteboard wall. This portable white board sheet is made for teacher, student, creative and professional looking to turn any wall on a dry erase whiteboard surface.

Our officepoint whiteboard sheets do not use adhesive. These  rolls use static electric adhesive-free adhesive and leave no sticky residue. Use as a chalkboard wallpaper, dry erase surface, or whiteboard for the home, office or classroom.

These whiteboard sheets are made for anyone looking for dry erase whiteboard sheets. These whiteboard sheets stick to any surface, including brick, fabric, glass, blackboard, desk, door, window, screen, and more.

They Easily position, slide and move. Dry wall erase sheets are easy to apply, slide and move across any surface. .

Use them for educational exercises, brainstorming, presentation and collaboration. Ideal for office supplies.