UHU Correction Fluid 20ML

by UHU


  • For correction of larger areas
  • Fast drying, with high covering power
  • Waterbased
  • Handy bottle with integrated brush
  • Suitable for all kinds of paper (ex. thermal paper)
KES 135
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Overview: White, waterbased correction fluid for fast correction of larger areas on all common types of paper (except thermal paper). The white fluid dries fast, has a high covering power and is solvent free. In a handy bottle with integrated brush for use at home, school, and the office. The packaging is made of more than 85% recycled cardboard.

Suitable for printed or handwritten texts on every type of paper (except thermal paper) Not suitable for thermal paper.

Directions for use: Shake bottle well before use. Shake bottle well before use. Use brush to apply correction fluid to the required area. The amount of fluid can be controlled by wiping the brush against the inside of the bottle. Leave to dry for a few moments before writing on the corrected area. Close bottle immediately after use. No thinner is required. Stains/residue: Correction fluid can be removed from smooth surfaces, when dry, preferably with mechanical action using a blade or spatula.