UHU All Purpose Glue 35ML 40759

by UHU


  • Liquid.
  • Crystal-clear.
  • Fast drying.
  • Colourless.
  • Temporarily adjustable .
  • Does not wrinkle paper.
KES 150
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UHU All Purpose Adhesive, the proven liquid synthetic resin adhesive for fast and crystal-clear bonds. Suitable for universal applications at home, in the office, for modelling, at school, for crafts etc. Glues various materials rapidly and durably. Once applied, the glue remains temporarily adjustable and does not wrinkle paper.

Preliminary surface treatment: When glueing plastics or metal, better results can be obtained if the parts to be stuck together are slightly roughened first.


Directions for use: Apply the adhesive thinly to one side of the assembly, press the parts together - that’s it! For non-absorbent materials (e.g. ceramic, coated papers), apply to both sides of the assembly, leave to dry, re-apply and press the parts together. stains/residue: Remove wet glue stains immediately. Dried glue residue and glue stains in clothing can be removed with acetone.
Points of attention: Contains volatile, highly inflammable solvents. Appropriate precautions should therefore be taken during storage or when working with the adhesive.

Cure Times.

drying/Curing time: approx. Bond strength: on beechwood test specimens tensile strength values (end values) of about 700 N/cm² have been obtained. Curing time may vary depending on a.o. surface, product quantity used, humidity level and ambient temperature.

Technical Properties.

Temperature resistance: The glue’s heat resistance is determined by the thermoplastic nature of its synthetic resin. Thus, glued parts should not continously be exposed to temperature above 70°C.

Chemicals resistance: Widely resistant against diluted acids, alkalines and also petrol and oil. NOT SUITABLE FOR: alcohols (e.g. denatured alcohol, white spirit), ketones (e.g. acetone), esters (e.g. ethyl acetate).

Appearance: colourless, highly transparent solution